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Ethical Hacking Training Course


2 Months

Career Option

Information Security Analyst || Security Auditor || Ethical Hacker (Penetration Tester)

Group Size

2-16 Persons


Ethical Hacking Course at Newton Computer Institute.

The Ethical Hacking course is one of the most sought-after information security courses in the IT sector. Newton Computer Institute is a pioneer in ethical hacking training in Nepal. Our training course is meticulously designed with input from international ethical hackers, information security consultants, and businesses.

Our ethical hacking training course in Nepal is extensive and competitively priced. Ethical hacking involves legally identifying vulnerabilities in computers and information systems by simulating the intent of a malicious hacker, but with the goal of protecting and improving the system instead of causing harm.

As hacking computer systems and networks becomes increasingly common, the demand for ethical hackers has skyrocketed. Businesses across Nepal are actively recruiting ethical hackers to safeguard their computers and information systems.

Join our ethical hacking training program to explore limitless career opportunities in this rapidly growing sector.

Benefits of Ethical Hacking Training in Nepal

Completing our job-oriented ethical hacking training in Nepal opens many career opportunities. A trained ethical hacker in Nepal can work as:

  • Ethical Hacker in IT companies
  • Information Security Expert for businesses and government offices
  • Networking Security Professional
  • Information System (IS) Auditor
  • System Administrator

Benefits of Ethical Hacking Training at Newton Computer Institute

Newton Computer Institute offers topnotch ethical hacking training in Nepal with the following benefits:

  • Certified Instructors: Learn from experienced, certified ethical hackers.
  • Advanced Training Labs: Access state-of-the-art facilities.
  • Interactive Environment: Engage in a supportive and collaborative setting.
  • Expert Supervision: Receive guidance on real-world projects from industry experts.
  • Practical Lessons: Gain hand-son experience with regular practical sessions.
  • Job Placement: Benefit from strong industry connections for employment or internships.

Our goal is to equip IT students and professionals with the skills needed to meet the high demand for ethical hackers in Nepal.


Applicants should have a basic understanding of computer systems and networks. Prior experience in IT or a related field is beneficial but not mandatory.

Graduates can pursue careers as Ethical Hackers, Information Security Experts, Network Security Professionals, IS Auditors, and System Administrators in various sectors including IT companies, businesses, and government offices.

Our training is led by certified ethical hackers with significant industry experience. We offer advanced labs, a collaborative learning environment, real-world project work, and strong job placement support.

You can apply online through our website or visit our campus to speak with an admissions counselor and submit your application in person.

Yes, upon successful completion of the course, students receive a certification that recognizes their skills and knowledge in ethical hacking, enhancing their employ-ability in the field of information security.

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