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Graphics Designing Course


2 Months

Career Option

Digital Marketing

Group Size

2-16 Persons


Do you want to take your career forward as a graphic designer? If yes, Newton Computer Institute  is your best option when it comes to Graphic Design training as it offers sound conceptual knowledge and necessary skills required to become a successful graphic designer in growing IT market of Nepal. Sectors such as online media, print media, and advertising agencies are in continuous demand of graphic designers. So in order to fulfill that demand, Newton computer institute  focuses graphic design training in Nepal as a career-oriented training program that will teach an individual to progress into the fields such as computer graphics, multimedia and web design.

Scope of Graphic Designer in Nepal

The graphic design scope in Nepal has evolved extremely due to the excessive use of digital media nowadays. Graphic designs are needed everywhere.Increasingly, especially since the pioneering of personal computers in the industry, a profuse number of graphic designers have found themselves working in agencies or companies as in-house designers and for non-design-oriented organizations as well.The scope for Graphic designing in Nepal is very high. Graphic designers might be able to gain the following opportunities.:

Graphics Designing Course
  • Provides flexible and effective work environment.
  • Freelancing potentiality
  • Offers easy head start into your business.
  • Gives unlimited clients base.
  • Offers knack for creative enhancement.
  • Online learning is available over the internet.
  • Availability of full-time job placement having high payroll for keen candidates.
  • Endless career opportunities in the IT sector.

Detail Study

  • overview of Adobe Photoshop

    Adobe Photoshop CC is editing software built for professional designers, photographers, and artists. … It also provides professional photography tools which help to  create and enhance pictures, transforming them into amazing works of art. Photoshop CC is an advanced imaging software used by video editors and photographers to alter or manipulate digital images. Photoshop is primarily used to edit 2D images, although it does offer some 3D image editing functionality.This course contains almost every detail of photoshop explained in a very effective and practical manner.

    What can I learn in this section?

    It introduces you the interface and tools of Photoshop CC. Also, it takes you through the Graphic Designing Concepts, Photo Manipulation and Retouching, Logo Design, Packaging Design, Magazine Cover and Business Card design, and so on.

  • Overview of Adobe Illustrator

    Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based graphics program that enables the aspiring graphic designers to develop professional high quality print, type effects and web designs.Adobe illustrator designs programs and edits vector graphics that lets you create beautiful designs with your visualized colors, shapes, typography, and effects.Our institute, Newton Computer Training  guides you in the best way to learn and obtain knowledge in Adobe Illustrator training in Nepal.

    The main objective of the Courses are.:

    1. to guide trainees to produce good-looking,
    2. high quality graphics such as logos and advertisements with type and graphics.
    3. The trainees will create logos with professional look
    4. To be familiar about type of  effects and convert bitmaps to vector artworks by rightly using the colors, layers, gradients, fonts, and photos with illustrations and text effects.


Newton Computer institute is the best computer training center in Nepal for Advance Graphic designing coureses with properly designed syllabus with more experienced instructors.

Advanced Graphic Design integrates design principles and software, typography, digital illustration, digital imaging, page layout, and prepress techniques with emphasis on design process from visualization to production.

The average Graphic Designer salary can range between $55,000 to $83,250. For those starting in graphic design, the average salary is between $38,000 and $45,000 per year. After more than five years of experience, this range increases to $50,000 to $69,000 per year.

The demand for visual communication is an exponential rise, so the career trajectory of graphic designers' is exceptionally bright.

Though, forget the stereotypes and the clichés, a graphic designer can be anyone and anyone can be a graphic designer. The design industry is full of people from all walks of life.

It is possible to become an amateur Graphic Designer who is well on the road to becoming a professional Graphic Designer in about two months. In short, two months is what it will take to receive the professional training required to start building a set of competitive professional job materials.

The King of Graphic Design is Henry Steiner

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