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Tally Training Courses


1 Months

Career Option

Accountant, Manager

Group Size

2-16 Persons


Tally is one of the most popular accounting software used in India & Nepal. It is complete enterprise software for small & medium enterprises. Tally.ERP 9 is a perfect business management solution and GST software with an ideal combination of function, control, and in-built customisability.

We, Newton Computer Institute has been providing career-oriented Tally training in Nepal as Tally is one of the most used accounting software and has become the integral tool to manage the accounting details in most of the business organizations. is a must to the entry level accounting officers who want to develop their carrier in the field of accounting. We are one of the trusted training institutes to provide Tally Training in Nepal that is helpful to the mid-level as well as the other levels officers to analyze accounting reports and to make the business decisions. This course will help the trainees transform themselves into accounting professionals who will be able to handle the company’s accounting tasks using software.
Benefits of Tally Training in Nepal

  1. To have a core understanding of accounting knowledge of the organization.
  2. The growing demand for Accountants in the market.
  3. Helps to understand computer based accounting.
  4. Enables the ability to make analysis and track all the transactions in the business.
  5. Helps in the inventory management of the company.
  6. Enables individual to track the purchase and sales made daily easily.

To all the candidates attending Tally Training at Newton Computer institute, we provide the following benefits and value added services:

  1. Professional teachers with maximum experience.
  2. Affordable training costs.
  3. Focus on real life scenario to prepare one for the professional market.
  4. Wider access to training equipment and materials.
  5. Scholarship to deserving and needy students.
  6. Job placement opportunities as an Accountant for ace trainees.

Detail Study

  • Company information

    You will learn here the mentioned courses:

    1. Create/Modify/Delete Company
    2. Change password
  • Accounts info & Inventory info

    you will learn this courses at the second day of your class, you will learn the following things:

    1. Create/Modify/Delete Account Group
    2. Create/Modify/Delete Account Ledger
    3. Create Simple/Compound Unit of Measure
    4. Create/Modify/Delete Stock Group
    5. Create/Modify/Delete Sock Item
  • Accounting Voucher Entry

    This is section where you learn to entry transaction and following are the some transaction which you will practically do in you class.:

    1. Purchase/Sales
    2. Receipt/Payment
    3. Contra
    4. Journal
    5. Debit & Credit Notes
  • Inventory voucher Entry

    some of voucher that you can gain in this classes are:

    1. Stock Journal Voucher/ Godown transfer
    2. Order Processing
    3. sales order
    4. purchase order
  • Pyroll info & Voucher Entry

    here you will be able to create the pyroll silps for staff salary using following:

    1. enabling pyroll features
    2. pay heads/employ details
    3. attendance voucher
    4. pyroll voucher



Tally is an ERP accounting software package used for recording day to day business data of a company. It is used to automate and integrate all your business operations, such as purchasing, finance, sales, inventory, manufacturing.

Here are the major career prospects you can explore after finishing a Tally course: Accounting Clerk. Accounting Associate. Accounts Assistant, receptionist and so on.

Newton Computer Institute is the One of the pioneer computer training institute in Chabahil with more than 19 years of legacy where you can learn with very familiar instructor and has more device with the required application.

A ledger is the actual account head to identify your transactions and are used in all accounting vouchers. For example, purchase, payments, sales, receipts, and others accounts heads are ledger accounts. Without a ledger, you cannot record any transaction.

One of the most important functions of Tally is accounting. Through the application of this software, various tasks in accounting become easier. It is useful software when you have many employees. Tally allows features like employee groups, employee categories, attendance, and pay heads for maintaining payroll

Candidates can pursue tally courses after completing Class 12th education, preferably from the commerce stream and from a recognized board. and There is no any special process to join this courses, or you can directly visit at information desk, or you can call us and can ask your any query related to this query.

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